Upcoming Special Events at FPCC


Annual Meeting of the Congregation - Sunday February 26

The Annual Meeting of the Congregation will be held Sunday February 26 at 10:00 am after a short worship service. This will be a very brief meeting, followed by a period of Service, and then lunch in the Fellowship Hall at 12:15 pm. All members and regular supporters of FPCC are urged to attend.


Serving Others as Jesus Did - Sunday February 26 (After Annual Meeting)

You won't want to miss next Sunday's adventures here as we go out into our community in service! There is something for everyone!

- Monument Crisis Center - repackaging food stuffs.

- Nearby senior residence - singing old-time favorites.

- Visitor Mugs - putting together a gift for visitors to our church.

- Baldwin Park - clean-up/spruce-up, wearing our t-shirts to let folks know who we are! Bring gardening gloves.

- Cards of Hope - making cards for kids in group homes. Bring crafting supplies, if you can, and favorite Bible verses
   to share.

Serve, Eat, and Listen: A Sunday Morning Lenten Offering - March 5

Starting March 5th we shall again reach out to our neighbors in the Heritage Plaza/Towers, and we invite YOU to be a part of it! Breakfast requires cooking, setting up, serving, eating and cleaning up. We'll start serving in the Fellowship Hall at 8:00am, and end at 9:00am to give some time to clean up and not miss the service. All are welcome to come and eat - the only requirement is that you SIT WITH SOMEONE YOU DO NOT KNOW! This is your opportunity to listen to the stories of those who live across the street. Sign-ups for hands-on participation start this Sunday in the Fellowship Hall with Rebecca Chase. Breakfast served from 3/5 - 4/9. The Holy Spirit is at work!