New Here?


Whether you have gone to church your whole life, or this is all new to you, we understand it can be uncomfortable visiting a new church for the first time. The important thing to remember is that God loves you no matter where you come from and what is your background.


Sometimes you feel like a non-member visiting a country club. Do I belong here? Am I really welcome? Will the people be unfriendly, or too friendly? Will I be conspicuous? Will it be easy to leave if I don’t enjoy it? Will they ask me for money? Will my kids enjoy it? How should I dress? Am I welcome if I don’t believe?

Our goal is for everyone to feel welcome, to provide Sunday worship that is meaningful and that meets the needs of you and your family, and for you to come back again.


Use the menu at the left or top to find out more about First Presbyterian Church Concord (FPCC), including our location, what to expect on Sunday morning, our beliefs, mission, and leadership team, and see some pictures of our church facility.


We hope to see you this Sunday!