How to Reserve a Room at FPCC

First Presbyterian Church
1965 Colfax Street
Concord, California 94520

First, contact Ann Keirns to see if the room is available on the date required.  It is to your advantage to reserve your room well in advance, as there are many activities at the church throughout the week.  In any case, we need a few days' notice for set-up and arrangements, assuming the room is actually available.

If so, complete the "Facility Request Form," which is available in the church office.  Cindy will answer any questions you have about the form.  Groups that are not specifically "sponsored" by the church must present a certificate of liability insurance, and usually a room rental fee is charged for non-church groups.

The confirmed date is entered into our master schedule, and we will guard it with our lives!

Now you can download room reservation forms and e-mail them to Ann Keirns.  Follow the same steps as outlined, but save yourself a trip!

Click on the following links to download the forms:

Facility Use Policy

Facility Use Form Request Form

Arrangement Details Form

No more than 2-3 days before the meeting, the responsible person drops by to pick up a key to the requested facility and to confirm the room set-up.  Any questions?  Talk to Ann in the church office (ext. 10).